Family Matters

The backlog
Catching us up to now

It's been awhile since the last post, but much has happened (The Narrator has definitely been slacking).

The low down is this:

  • Kangorath's Mother is a Courtesan, or at least was.

    • Incidentily, Tim decided that Kangorath's nickname is Captain Kangaroo.
    • Learned that Eldorath Leafwright worked with Kaleb Valdemar to establish the Help House the Homeless initiative in the city.
    • Sabriyya Kalmeralm (The Princess of the Docks) opposed them in their effort to establish this initiative.
  • Opal and Serag took advantage of their Aristocratic backgrounds to get everyone into the Alabaster District.

    • There they called upon Kaleb Valdemar at his villa.
    • Kaleb invited them to his party in 7 days time (it's now 4 days away)
    • Opal drank some midnight milk.
    • Tim became obsessed over making a better chair.
  • Opal has had a few nights on the town (Kangorath's Mom made sure she got home okay)
  • Researching maps in Undercleff University, Tim and Kangorath discovered that only the Bridge and the Arvensoar have existed since the time of the Ancient Thessalions.
  • Tim built the best chair
  • While Tim was building his chair, the rest of the party ventured to Underbridge in hopes of learning more about Help House the Homeless from the people making their homes there. 

    • First and foremost, no one wanted to talk to them about it
    • Apparently people were taken into the warehouse and when they returned weren't the same anymore
    • An Urchin, named Dart offered more information, if and only if the party received Sabriyya's blessing.
  • Finally the Docks

    • Tim attempted to sell his chair, and was brought before Sabriyya for doing so without a permit
    • The rest of the group arrived and was informed by man named Drakon that the best way to get an audience with Sabriyya was to win a fight in the pit.
    • The group faced off against 5 halflings, pushed nearly to their limit, our heroes managed to win the day, and earn their audience.
    • Unfortunately, Tim used their one question to inquire further about their chair, insulting Sabriyya in the process.
    • In penance, the group was required to make a choice, either grant a favor to Sabriyya or choose a champion to defeat her champion in combat.
    • The group elected Kangorath as champion, and he had to face off against Drakon, whom he defeated through clever use of his spells.
    • The group was granted their audience, but at their mention of Help House the Homeless, they were informed that any audience would have to wait until the next evening and were instructed to return to the Dockway tomorrow evening.
  • The next day Arianna began her tenure with the local City guard.

    • They pursued this to get more information about the Arvensoar, which is the city guard's headquarters.
    • Her contact there is Captian Caldwell.
    • Spent the first day of her tenure cleaning the bathrooms and showers.

That catches us up to the present, as I said, quite a bit happened.

Arrival In Magnimar

The group finally began to make some in roads on discovering how to deal with the marks on their heads. After arriving in Magnimar, and checking the majority of their weapons at the gate. The group and Opal made their separate ways down to the docks where they found Florian waiting for them in his Fabulous Flotilla. As a reward for seeing his caravan safely to him, he told the group to seek out Professor Draeden and Dr Crane his Assistant.

As it turns out Professor Draeden is Dr Crane charismatic, party loving, golden ticket of an Eidolon. Following a lecture on ancient Thassalonion architecture, Professor Draeden led all of the attendees out for an all night bar crawl. Staying behind, the group had a chance to ask the good doctor what he could tell them about the marks on their foreheads.

Here is what they learned:

As they already knew, the marks each correspond to one of the seven sins, and each also have a given virtue. In addition to that, they learned that each mark has a well associated. A well that absorbs strength from each of them every time they act in accordance to the sin they are marked with. To be free of the marks they must destroy the wells, however the effects of the marks, at least the personal ones can be affected by being virtuous instead of sinful. Finally, they were told that the creation of the wells required great acts of sin. With that, what Dr Crane had told them all he could tell them about their marks and they took their leave. 

Being from the city, Kangorath offered to take them over to his mother's where they could all crash, talk things over, and decide where to go from there.

Breakfast at Florians
Type Cast

Ah breakfast. Nothing quite like breakfast the morning after almost dying. The group woke up the next morning to the most interesting of breakfasts. It was all made to order, which was wonderful, except that Tim didn't trust the staff to get his coffee right, and after a minor spat with the cook, and a minor spell mishap, arrived at an uneatable pile of carbon on a plate.

Soon afterward the party sat down to try a puzzle out what had happened the night before, see they all did not feel quite right. All Florian could tell them was that what was upon them was somewhat outside of his expertise, divine in nature, at least somewhat. With that, they set out to town in Florian's plush carriage. 


The priests of the temple discovered that they each had been marked with a rune upon their foreheads. Korgath, being quite the scholar recognized the runes as ancient Thassilonian, each one representing one of the seven deadly sins. They were marked as follows:

  • Opal: Pride
  • Arianna: Wrath
  • Korgath: Greed
  • Serag: Envy
  • Tim: Sloth

Returning to Florian's Magnificient Manor, (Tim forgot to get food as so was quite hungry that evening) Florian suggested that the group go to Magnimar to see an old friend's partner who was somewhat knowledgeable in old things to see if they couldn't find out more about what these markings meant, how to get ride of them, and really, just to get them out of his house for the moment. In the meanwhile he offered them temporary employment in exchange for accompanying one of his shipments to the city. They accepted the offer and decided to head out in the morning with the next caravan. 


Tim's trials and travails continued that evening as the cooks continued to refuse him food of any sort. To be fair, the cooks, whom everyone had assumed to be unseen servant spells turned out to be pixies, who are as proud as they are small. The pixie's proceeded to have a rousing party with Opal, Korgath, and Arriana inside of the kitchen, just in view of the bewildered Tim. Soon Korgath and Opal were quite smashed, and Opal's night was not without company, the poor not elf things…

Anyhow the next morning the starving Tim apologized to the staff and received a perfect cup of coffee and his favorite breakfast in return. They then headed out, Opal picking up a hangover cure from the local potion shop (Owned by Florian of course), and began their journey to Magnimar. Which went quite smoothly except for a brief goblin raid which the crew handled without breaking a sweat.

Almost Sacrificed
Fabulously Saved

Our mostly willing adventurers arrived at the old light in Sandpoint to attend the funeral of their father. Much to their surprise, this small family affair featured no less than 70 attendees. The orator was perhaps the longest winded ever and they all fell into a stupor. The eulogy was so sophorific that most of the attendees soon died. This effect went unnoticed until Urutur the Orator arrived on the seen and attempted to take down the mysterious robed being. After a desperate fight, Opal finally put out the last candle anchoring the ritual in place and Florian the Magnificent arrived just in time to wisk away the party from near certain death and leave the entire ritual site in smoldering ruins.

Welcome to the Campaign
Family Matters Info

Welcome everyone to the campaign. I'm really excited to start this up on Wednesday. We're going to have lots of fun for our first night, everything from a guest player and an appearance from an old friend to perhaps certain death. All to be revealed in two days time. I've created character pages for each of you on the site. The page includes a dynamic character sheet that you can fill out and use for your record if you'd like.


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