Sabriyya Kalmeralm


Sabriyya is the Princess of the Docks. Or as the people from upper cleff would label her, the local mob boss. She generally keeps order and controls/gets a cut of all commerce that goes on in the Dockway.

The daughter of the first Prince of the Docks, Nazir Kalmeralm, who disappeared nearly 28 years ago, Sabriyya is well-loved by most ofthe bazaar’s regular traders and her “court”-a sizable gang of toughs and money collectors. She is a passionate woman in her late forties, and her quick wit, aristocratic bearing, and silver tongue are as famed as her fiery temper and unforgiving memory. While many in the city still see her as little more than an exceedingly public gang lord, those who frequent the chaotic maze of stalls and shops know the service she provides in keeping the peace between squabbling traders, maintaining fair prices, limiting racketeering, and so forth.


Sabriyya Kalmeralm

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